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Getting Started

DSLCAD is a parametric CAD package. It offers a programming language & interpreter for building 3D models. It is designed for the 3D printing space but is flexible for use in other areas.

DSLCAD is free, open source and cross-platform!

Inspired by OpenSCAD, it has a language and 3D viewer to simplify the modeling experience.



  • 100% scriptable parametric modeling
  • Fully cross-platform
  • Built in preview tool
  • Web compatible


Download the latest DSLCAD from the Releases page or use the Online Editor to try it out.

DSLCAD is available for:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux

Download the zip file for your system and extract it.

Hello World

To create a DSLCAD program, create a new hello.ds file. Edit the file and add the following code:

// create a simple cube

Now render it in DSLCAD:

dslcad ./hello.ds --preview

You should see the preview open with a cube:


To learn more, check out the concepts page.